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Southern Indiana’s Largest Redemption Center

We have over 30 games in our arcade and a world class redemption center that offers prizes for any age group. Pull your tickets together and get a BIG prize for the whole group or pick some individual items so that each person can have something to remember your time with us. Play, compete, or just have fun and see what you can win. Just a note our games give tickets, and experience tells us the kids will be just as excited about the tickets they win as they will the prize they ultimately redeem them for.

prize booth at FLWB Indoor Karting

We Offer a Wide Range of Entertainment Options

At French Lick/West Baden Indoor Karting, we believe in offering variety to our customers. We understand that parents are always looking for ways to entertain their kids, and we are more than happy to help. A bounce house is a perfect place for kids aged three to nine years old to play with their friends. But if that doesn’t interest them, then there is no shortage of other things in our family fun center to interest them. For instance, they can win prizes in the arcade and redemption center, which features over 30 arcade games, including classics like skee ball, milk jug toss, and racing games. We have an automatic ticket counting system which makes the process easier for everyone involved.

Our Team Prioritizes Safety and Fun Together

We are proud of our reputation for delivering safe fun to our customers. Parents who are planning a birthday party can trust us to help do a lot of the legwork—no need to rent a bounce castle and place it in your backyard. Simply come to our location. Give your kids and their friends plenty of options in the family fun center. Whether it is the falcon raceway or the arcade room, we are confident they will find something fun to do while in our building.

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