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How much does it cost to race?
We have many different options available, but our standard race is called an arrive and drive and it comes with the Basic Membership! Adults $17, Juniors $15, Small Kids $8. Check the prices on the "Prices" page!


Are there any height, age, or weight requirements?
Insurance regulations require that all drivers be at least 8 years of age to drive on the big track and around 48" tall because you can't drive if you can't reach the pedals.  We now also have the Kids Track for 4 -7 year olds. 


The kart manufacturer and insurance regulations require that all drivers be under 300 pounds. We do weigh drivers to ensure they are of the appropriate weight.


How long is a race?
An arrive and drive heat race is 8 minutes.  You will typically get 10-15 laps per race for adults and 8-10 laps for the juniors. Kids races are 5 minutes long.


How old does someone have to be in order to qualify for an adult kart?
To be considered an adult for karting purposes, you must be at least 14 years of age and be able to comfortably fit in and operate the adult kart. (Parents, please do not lie about your minor child's age, it is considered insurance fraud to lie and sign a waiver verifying that the information is correct when it is not. We have been in business long enough to know that the vast majority of 13 year old's are not ready for the adult karts.)

How do I find out when you have available racing times?
For the most part, we are always open to the public and operate on a first come first serve basis. You may call (812) 936-5390 or visit the website to see if we have reservations on a particular day.


Can you reserve times for open racing?
YES!  Groups of 8 or more may call ahead and reserve a time. Racing times may be reserved by calling (812) 936-5390 or you may e-mail us with your contact information at info@flwbindoorkarting.com and we will get back with you as soon as possible. 


Do I have to have a parent with me if I am under 18?
YES! Any driver under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian (must be the minor’s actual parent or legal guardian) with them to sign the liability waiver before they will be allowed to race. If the parent or guardian is not available to accompany the minor, a waiver may be printed from this website (bottom of the home page). These waivers that are signed off-site must be signed by the parent and be notarized by a notary public. Off-site waivers that are not notarized will not be accepted and the minor will not be allowed to race. We know that this is sometimes difficult but only a parent can legally waive the rights of a minor child and a notarized form insures that the parent is the one signing.

Since this comes up so often, we require the notarized form for 2 reasons: 1. It is required by "our" insurance, we understand that some tracks do not have this requirement, that is between them, the state they are located in, and their insurance carrier, ours require a notarized form. Reason 2. If we did not require a notarized form we would have 15 - 16 year olds  signing forms in the parking lot every day and there is no way for us to discern between those forms and ones signed by parents other than a certified notary seals the form.  


Can juniors and adults race together?
Experience has taught us that the safest and most enjoyable way to race is for juniors to race with others their same age and adults with other adults. The junior karts vary significantly from the adult karts , so we never race these karts together.


An adult is welcome to race with the juniors if the adult can fit comfortably in the JUNIOR kart within the weight and size regulations of the junior karts. We have retrofitted a few adult karts with kids kart engines so that adults may ride with juniors. At times when we are very busy we do not allow this as all of our junior races are full of junior drivers. 


How fast are the karts?
Junior karts go about 20 mph.
Adult karts  go about 40 mph.


How long is the track?
FLWB Indoor Karting has a 1,250 ft. indoor road course. The lane are also wider than many of the other tracks out there, the linear distance combined with the width of our lanes, make for a fast track that you can actually pass on!


How do I find out about your specials & deals?
You may also call us at (812)-936-5390 to find out the current racing specials. Also, our rack card has a $2 off coupon and is carried by most area hotels and attractions.


Can I wear my own equipment?
YES!  You may bring your own helmet headsock, racing suit and/or helmet.  The helmet must be full face with a chin guard. (Your helmet will need to be inspected by our staff to ensure that it meets our safety requirements.)


What is the dress code?
All drivers must have on closed toe, closed heel shoes. Crocs, flip flops, sandals, high heels, and house slippers are not allowed.  Additionally, no loose fitting clothing will be allowed (such as scarves) or long, dangling jewelry. Long hair must be worn up under the helmet or tucked into clothing. Ladies, sorry you cannot carry your purse on your lap. (Yes its happened, on numerous occasions.)


How do I become a member?
Overall, everyone buys a membership which is included in your first race purchase. Since, renewing is cheaper than creating a new racer profile and purchasing a new membership we expect that most people will take that option.


Why should I become a member?
Almost all racers at our facility are members. The few exceptions are when you buy a package off site or take advantage of a special that doesn't require membership. Our member vs. nonmember prices were almost exactly the same so we eliminated the confusion and included the price of membership in your purchase of your first race.


What do you offer besides racing?
In addition to our race track we also have a kids track and bounce houses. Overall, we want to have something for everyone to do with their own age group, Adult Racing, Junior Racing, Kids track, bounce houses, and arcade. While the kids are busy playing so can mom and dad. That's who we are. We also can accommodate groups, do team building events, host corporate outings, family get together's, and birthday parties for almost every age group.


How many people can race on the track at one time?
Maximum is 10 adults, 8 juniors, or 4 kids.


Do you have to have a valid driver’s license to race?
Not for a normal arrive and drive race. However racers participating in a reserved group racing event (Mini Sprint, Sprint, or Grand Prix, etc) must be 15 years of age and have a valid learner’s permit. Note that this only applies for group events, not for normal walk-ins.


Can you host group/corporate events?
YES!  We have banquet rooms that can accommodate groups of over 200 people.


Is there alcohol served at your facility?
No. We do not serve nor do we allow alcohol to be consumed on property. We reserve the right to refuse service to those who have engaged in drinking alcohol or other substances that might alter the senses and make driving our karts too challenging.


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